Configuring High Availability (HA) on Sophos UTM

  1. Prerequisite
    • Minimum two nodes (two appliances Sophos UTM)
    • Maximum 10 nodes
    • Add license to the devices
    • Both UTMs appliances must same model
    • Both UTMs appliances must same version firmware or version of primary node (Master node) higher than other node (Slave node).
  2. ConfigureĀ  High Availability
    • Go to Management | High Availability


    • Selects Configuration Tab
    • Set up some information follow:
      • Operation mode: select Host Standby (Active-Passive) or Cluster (Active-Active)
      • Sync NIC: select interface need connect HA port (default is interface eth3)
      • Devices Name: the name of node currently configuring
      • Devices Node ID: 1 or 2 depending on the host (they must be different)
      • Encryption key: password use to encryption, it has to match on both nodes.
      • Repeat: re-enter password encryption.
    • Click Apply



    • come back Status tab you see follow picture



    • At the moment, you will connect both devices via Cross-Cable at the Sync-Interface


    • On the Status tab, you will see synchronize processing:



    • see logging and system status SYNC between two devices





    • Synchronize process finish!



Done, Thanks you for watching!

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