How to configure Data encryption when copying data to USB on Zecurion DLP


The article instructs how to configure the encrypted data to be copied to USB to protect the data of the enterprise, only those devices that apply the encrypt policy can read the contents of the USB and other devices cannot


How to configure

  • Login to Zecurion DLP Server by Admin account
  • Go to DLP -> In Device Control -> Click + icon to add new Device Control policy
  • Enter name for policy
  • Tick in Policy enabled
  • In Channel: Choose Devices
  • In Device: Choose Typical -> Choose USB devices -> Click Save
  • In Select device -> Choose USB devices -> Click Save
  • In Operation -> Click + icon
    • Action: Choose Allow
    • Create incident: Choose Low, Medium, High severity which you want
    • Encrypt
  • In Run: Choose Permanent
  • In Distribution: Choose computer which you want apply policy to

-> Click Save

-> Click Apply

  • Test activity

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