Fortinet: How to configure HA on firewall Fortigate


The article shows how to configure HA Active-Passive on 2 FortiGate firewall devices, then 1 device will act as Master and 1 device as backup. In the event of a Master’s error, the Slave will operate until the Master is processed

The article configured on version 6.2.5


2 devices must run the same version of FortiOS and active license if available before adding to HA Cluster

How to configure

Configure 1 FortiGate as Master

On the FortiGate Master device, go to System -> Settings and change the hostname name (this step can be skipped)

  • Go to System -> HA
    • In Mode: Choose Active-Passive
    • In Device priority: Set the Device priority, the device with the highest Device priority will be Master (Primary), the device with a lower Device priority will be Slave
    • In Group name: Enter name the group (2 devices must be set the same)
    • In Password: Set password to authenticate members in group HA
    • In Heartbeat interfaces: Select the network port for which you want to configure HA so that 2 devices sync with each other (here I choose port 3)

-> Click Save

Similar configuration for Slave-making device with lower Device priority parameters of Master device

  • After HA is configured

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