How to configure deny upload to Google Drive on Zecurion DLP


The article shows how to configure prohibit users from uploading sensitive data to Google Drive to lose company data on Zecurion DLP system

How to configure

  • Login to Zecurion Server by Admin account
  • Go to DLP -> Choose Policy -> In Content -> Click + to create a content policy
  • Enter name is Block upload GG Drive
  • Tick in Policy enabled
  • In Channel: Choose Internet
  • In Conditions: Create web service is google, incident type is file uploaded and direction is outgoing
  • In Actions
    • In Access: Choose Deny
    • In Create incident: Choose Low, Medium, High severity
  • In Apply policy: Choose Always or time which you want
  • In Distribution: Choose computers which you want to apply policy

-> Click Save

  • Testing upload google drive
  • Check log

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