Sangfor HCI: How to Clone Virtual Machine on Sangfor HCI system.


A clone is a copy of an existing virtual machine. When the cloning operation is complete, the clone is a separate virtual machine, though it may share virtual disks with the parent virtual machine. Changes made to a clone do not affect the parent virtual machine.

The article shows how to configure clone virtual machine on Sangfor HCI system.

1.Network Diagram.

2. How to configure


+ A powered-off virtual machine cannot be cloned.
+ A virtual machine being migrated or being cloned cannot be cloned.
+ Backup task will be canceled if the clone operation is performed against a virtual machine which is being backed up.

Step 1: Go to Compute New > Clone VM.

Choose the virtual machine you want clone. Click Next.

Step 2: Specify the following parameters for the clone:

Name: Enter name.

VM: the number of virtual machines you want to clone.

Group: Choose Group the virtual machine belong.

Clone Type: Full clone và click choose Power on virtual machine at creation.

HA: Click choose Migrate to another node if the node fail.

Datastore: choose Datastore to run the virtual machine.

Working Location: set Auto

Click Ok.

Step 3: Check task clone and result the virtual machine clone success.

(Ex: Win10_Clone)

You can aslo Import and Export virtual machine on Sangfor HCI.

Import VM:  Go to Compute > New > Import Virtual Machine.

Sangfor support Import file type: OVA, VMA, MF, VMDK,…

Click Import.

Export VM: Go to Compute > select Corresponding virtual machine icon which you want to clone > More > Clone

Note: Export VM required VM to power off.

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