Sangfor HCI: How to create Virtual Machine on Sangfor HCI system.


On Sangfor HCI system, administrator members can create and manage virtual machines, serving the needs of the organization. The article shows how to create a new virtual machine on Sangfor HCI system.

1. Network Diagram

2. How to configure

Go to Compute > New > Create new virtual Machine.

Name: Enter name for the virtual machine.
Group: Specifies a group to which this virtual machine belong

HA: If the option Migrate to another node if the node fails is selected, virtual machine will be recovered onto another node in case the node running the VM fails.

Datastore: Specifies a datastore to store virtual machine.

Working Location: Specifies a node on which the virtual machine runs or set Auto.

Guest OS: Specifies an operating system for the virtual machine. The following types of guest OSes are supported: Sangfor, Windows, Linux, Linux distributions and others. Sangfor operating system is mainly for software aCenter.

Configuration: It allows you to configure hardware resources, such as Processor, Memory, Disk, CD/DVD and NIC, etc. Configuration falls into Low configuration, Typical configuration and High configuration.

CD/DVD 1: Specifies an ISO image file of CD/DVD drive to be used by the virtual machine. Choose Load ISO image file and Browse.

Or click Upload from this Local PC.

eth0: Specifies what the virtual machine is connected to.

Enabled: If it is selected, it indicates that the specified virtual network adapter is enabled.
Connected To: Specifies an edge or a virtual switch to be connected to the virtual machine.
Adapter Model: Specifies the adapter model: Realtek RTL8139 or Intel E1000.

Click OK.

Other Hardwares: Includes Graphics Adapter, Mouse Type, Keyboard Type và BIOS Option.

Add Hardware: Show more option hardware you can add.

After set up all parameter. Click OK.

Go to Compute > choose the newly virtual machine (ex: SRV01) and click power on.

Click Console.

Install VM as usual.

Install Sangfor vm Tool

Sangfor vmTool provide accurate VM running information to Management Platform. VM information such as CPU Usage, RAM Usage, IO Usage, IP Address and Traffic Speed.

Click Install Now > Choose Installation on Windows or Linux

Click Run SangforVMSTolls.exe

After install click Restart Now


Create success new virtual machine.


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