Instructions on how to assign IP by MAC address on the Palo Alto firewall

1. Purpose of the article

This article techbast will guide you how to configure the IP address assignment according to the MAC address of the device on the Palo Alto device to help us manage user information in case we do not use the domain or dedicated management tools.


As the diagram of the Palo Alto firewall device will be connected to the internet by PPPoE protocol at port E1/1 with the IP of 14.169.x.x

Inside of Palo Alto is a LAN layer with a static IP address of set to port E1/3. On port E1/3 is configured DHCP Server to allocate IP to the devices connected to it.

Next is a computer placed in LAN layer with IP address granted from DHCP Server.

3. Configuration situations

We will configure assigning the new IP address to the computer device instead of the IP address received from DHCP.

4. Configuration

First, to assign IP by MAC address, we need to get MAC address of the computer.

To check the MAC address we press the key combination Windows + R and type in the Run table ncpa.cpl and click OK.

Now the Network Connections window appears showing us all of the network cards that we have.

To check the MAC address of the computer we will double-click on the network card we are using to access the internet.

In this article, the computer used is the laptop, so we double-click the Wi-Fi card.

The Wi-Fi Status panel appears, we click Details.

The Network Connection Details table appears, we pay attention to the Physical Address line that gives us the MAC address of the device.

The laptop’s MAC address in this article is 5C-51-4F-2F-AB-84.

Next we will assign the IP address according to the MAC address of the device that we just got.

To configure, log into the Palo Alto firewall admin page and go to Network> DHCP> select the DHCP that we want to configure, in this article I configure DHCP for ethernet port 1/3 so I choose the port’s DHCP this.

We left click on the port name to edit.

The DHCP Server table appears, you pay attention to the Reserved Address table. This table is the table that helps us to configure the IP assignment according to the MAC address.

Click Add drive below this table and enter the ip address to assign in the box in the Reserved Address column and enter the MAC address just collected from the laptop device and the box in the MAC Address column.

Note that you can only assign ip that the machine is currently receiving from DHCP or ip is outside the DHCP range you grant.

Click OK to save.

Then click Commit and click OK to save the configurations.

Then launch the Command Prompt application and do the command ipconfig / renew to check the results.

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