Sophos Home Premium: How to allow blocked applications to run.


Sophos Home allows users exclusions files, folders, websites or applications will not be checked for threats by the antivirus scanner. These exclusions can used to run a program that has been stopped from running/installing due to an exploit-like behavior being detected at the time of launching the application. This article demonstrates how to exclude files and folders and applications from antivirus scanning.

Note: Just adding exclusions unless you are sure the application is safe. Exclusion increase more risk and reduced protection your computer.

This is alert of Sophos Home notify when detect threat on application you install. Ex: OneKeyGhost.exe

1.Adding a local exclusion to allow an application to run

Step 1: Double-click on the Sophos Home icon at the system tray. This opens the Sophos Home main window. Click  Help.

Step 2: Scroll down Troubleshooting.

Step 3: Go to Local Exclusions section then click on the Add button.

Step 4: Locate the program’s executable (.exe) that you wish to exclude. The application will then appear on the list. Ex: Ghost64. Click Open.

Step 5: Re-install application.

2. Setting Scan Exception.

Step 1: Sign in to Sophos Home dashboard. Select the computer where you need to make the exclusion.

Step 2: Click on the Protection > General > Exceptions.

Step 3: Enter the file or folder name in the field then press enter.

This exceptions also apply to Real-Time Protection, Malicious Traffic Detection.

Re-install application.

3. Restore and Allow Application.

Step 1: Access your Sophos Home Dashboard. Click on the affected machine
Find the detection under New Activity or via the History tab. Click Show Advanced Options.

Step 2: Under Did we get this wrong? click on Allow and Restore.

Step 3: Click Restore and Allow Application.

Step 4: Goto Protection tab. Check Real-Time Protection file application was exclusion. Ex: OneKeyGhost.exe

Result: Re-install application success.

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