Sophos XG v18: How to configure using SD-WAN for IP Phone service on 1 link


The article guides how to configure using SD-WAN to configure the IP Phone PBX service when calling out using only one network line as desired, not running load-balancing when there are many network lines. SD-WAN helps in the distribution of loads for service along the network to improve management and efficiency in the enterprise network


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How to configure

  • Login to Sophos XG device by Admin account
  • Choose CONFIGURE -> Choose Routing -> Go to tab SD-WAN policy routing -> Click Add
  • Enter name for SD-WAN policy
  • In Incoming: Choose LAN port of PBX
  • In Source networks: Choose PBX’s network
  • In Destination networks: Choose Any
  • In Services: Choose service of PBX
  • In Application object: Choose Any
  • In User and groups: Choose Any
  • In Primary gateway: Choose WAN link which you want PBX service to run
  • In Backup gateway: Choose another WAN which you want fail over for primary WAN (can be left blank)

-> Click Save

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