Wifi Cambium: How to configure DHCP Pool on cnPilot E600.


cnPilot E600 stay on top of the latest standards with the high-powered, Gigabit speed, beamforming, Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) 802.11ac wave 2 e600 access point with a 4×4 antenna array. From the classroom to the mall, cnPilot e600 Indoor is perfect for applications that demand high capacity, range, and/or support high user density.

Below are the steps to configure the DHCP pool on cnPilot E600.

  1. How to configure

Step 1: Go to AP Group tab > click AP Group name you want. Ex: Cambium.

Step 2: Click Configuration tab > Network > DHCP Pool. Click Add New.

Step 3: Enter the following parameters:

DHCP Pool: Enter Pool ID (Choose between 1 to 16)

Address Range: Enter address range you want assigned to client

Default router: Enter default router ip

DNS address: Enter DNS address. Ex: (google)


+ IP: Enter subnet number of DHCP address pool

+ Subnet Mask: Enter subnet mask of subnet number.

Click Add.

Step 4: Go to VLANs. Click Add New.

In windows Add VLAN. Enter the following parameters.

VLAN ID: Enter one number 1 between 1 – 4096.

IP Address: Choose Static IP. Enter IP of default router above.

Click choose NAT

Click Add.

Scroll down and click Save to save the configuration.

Step 5: Go to WLANs tab > choose SSID you want. Ex: VACIF.

Next, scroll down to the VLAN and change the VLAN you want. Ex: Vlan 3
Click Save to save the configuration.

Step 6: Test result.

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