Wifi Cambium: How to configure Guest Access using cnMaestro on cnPilot E600.


The Guest Access feature creates a separate network for guests by providing internet access to guest wireless devices (mobiles, laptops, etc). This feature allows the clients to connect through a free tier or by buying Vouchers .

This section describes how to configure Guest Access using cnMaestro.

How to configure

Step 1: Navigate to Services > Guest Access Portal > Add Portal.

Configure name and brief description for the portal. Click Save.

Step 2: Click Guest Portal Name you just created. Ex: GuestAcess.

Click Access tab. The Access tab has three different access types: Free, Paid, Voucher.

Free Access Type Configuration

Free access type contains session validity, renewable frequency, client rate limits, and social login configurable parameters.

Session Duration: The duration for which the client is provided access.
Renewable Frequency: Once the session duration for the client expires, the client needs to wait for the period
specified by renewal frequency before logging in again.
Client Rate Limit: It contains options for configuring downlink and uplink parameters in kbps to limit the data
transfer rate to or from the client. If a client rate limit parameter is blank, no limits are applied

Paid Access Type Configuration
Paypal has been added as a payment gateway support where end users can purchase Internet connection using
either the credit card or their existing paypal accounts.

VOUCHER Access Type Configuration

  1. Click Voucher > Add new.

2. In window Add New Plan. You enter the following parameters:

Name: The name of the plan.
Session Duration: The duration for which the client is allowed network access.
Voucher Expiry: The expiry time for the generated vouchers. Once this time lapses, the vouchers cannot be used.
Client Rate Limit: The uplink and the downlink values in kbps to limit the data transfer rate to or from the client. If a client rate limit parameter is blank, no limits are applied

3. Voucher Design

Color: There are options to modify colors for the title, message, code, and background.
Background Image: You can browse and select a background image for this page.

Enter Title, Message, Access code message.

Click Save.

Step 3: Add Voucher to create a voucher.

At Add more card you enter the number of vouchers in Quantity that will be created and click Generate to create the Voucher or Generate & Export to both create the Voucher and export the voucher IDs to a file.

As you can see the Voucher ID has been created.

Step 4: Configure Splash tab.

Administrators can create their own splash page by modifying the default logo, background, and text to be displayed in the splash page with different colors and fonts.

Scroll down, click Save.

Step 5: Add Guest Access in to WLANs.

Ex: Choose wlans name: Vacif

In Configuration > choose Guest Access > click Enable > click choose cnMaestro. Under Guest Portal Name choose GuestAccess name you create before. Click Save.

Step 6: Test result

When you connect to ssid configure Guest Access, the splash page will appear. Before you enter voucher code, you can’t access internet.

After enter voucher code. click Login. Connect internet success.

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