Acronis Cyber Protect: How to install Agent for Linux on Ubuntu Desktop.


Like Windows operating system, Acronis also supports data backup of Linux operating system. The article will guide how to install Acronis Agent for Linux on Ubuntu Desktop.

Configuration instructions.

Step 1: Download Acronis Agent for Linux

On Acronis Management Console> Device> Add> Linux. Acronis Agent for Linux will automatically download.

The file name is AcronisCyberProtect_15_64-bit.x86_64.

Step 2: Grant permissions and run the installation file

Switch the user to root and execute the command:

cd /home/john/Downloads: john here is the user name of the machine

Check the AcronisCyberProtect file is in the Download folder with the command “ls”

Authorize file execution: chmod +x AcronisCyber… x86_64

After authorize is complete, perform the installation with the command: ./AcronisCyberProtect…x86_64

Step 3: Proceed to install

The installation boot panel will appear as shown below

Choose Next

Choose Accept

Selection of installation components: you choose to install Agent for Linux by pressing the “Space” key to show the “*” sign that you have chosen to install.

Click Next.

Here we will provide the following parameters:

Management Server: Enter the IP where the Server installed Acronis Management Server.

Register under the following account:

Login: Enter the Server Management login username (Acronis Management Console)

Pass: Enter the password to log into Server Management.

Click Next.

Click Continue

The installation is in progress.

After the installation is complete, the Starting Acronis Service window will appear.

You will wait for the ubuntu machine to register with the Acronis Management Server.

Finally click Exit and check the Ubuntu hostname that appeared on the Device list on Acronis Management.

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