Acronis Cyber Protect: How To Install Agent For Linux On Ubuntu Server.


In addition to protecting data backup for workstations and servers of Windows operating system, Acronis also supports backup data protection for servers running Linux operating system, which is also an operating system that many businesses use because good security.

The article will guide how to download and install Agent for Linux for Ubuntu Server 20.04 to protect data backup for this linux server.

If normally on linux you can use the command: wget <link download> to download a file to install, but if this does not work, you have another way to put the installation file on the linux server. Since most of the interfaces used by the linux operating system are command line, it is difficult to load Agent Acronis like windows onto the machine. So using an application to make it easier to install and use is understandable.

In this article, I use Mobaxterm application to connect SSH and SFTP to Ubuntu Server. You can search and download this application on google to your device.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Create SSH and SFTP sessions

To create a session on Mobaxterm interface, choose Session> New Session

Select SSH: Remote host: Enter IP Ubuntu Server.

Select Ok.

Enter User and Pass to log into the server

Interface after successful login.

Create SFTP session:

Reomte host: Enter IP Ubuntu Server

Username: Enter user log into Ubuntu Server.

Click Ok.

Enter the password to log in to the ubuntu server

Step 2: Download and upload Agent for Linux Server file to Ubuntu Server

On Acronis Management Console> Device> Add> Server Linux

File Agent for Linux will automatically download.

After downloading, go through the SFTP session, find the downloaded file on the left pane is local of your computer, drag the file to the right pane which is the folders of Ubuntu Server.

The process of uploading Agent for Linux files from your local computer to Ubuntu Server is going on. Running to 100% is complete.

/home /john: The file location on the server. This location can be changed depending on the settings, you should pay attention so that there is no confusion.

Step 3: Install Agent for Linux for Ubuntu Server.

You switch from user to root to execute commands.

To check if the file is already on the server, execute the command: cd /home/john

/home/john: is the location where you upload files from local. Type the command “ls” and you will see the file uploaded as AcronisCyberProtect_15_64-bit.x86_64.

Authorize to execute file: chmod +x AcronisCyberProtect… .x86_64

After granting permission we proceed to run the file: ./AcronisCyberProtect….x86_64.

The installation boot screen will appear.

Click Next.

Select to install Agent for Linux by pressing the “Space” button on the keyboard, appearing “*” is ok.

Click Next.

Fill in the following parameters:

Management Server: Enter the IP Server where Acronis Management Console is installed

Register under the following account:

Login: User login of Management Server

Pass: The password to log in to the Management Server

Click Next.

The installation is in progress.

Ubuntu Server is registering to the Management Server according to the information you provided earlier.

Installation is complete. Click Exit.

Check on Acronis Managemet Console > Device. The name Ubuntu Server is john has appeared on the device list.

You can now perform the same backup server tasks as with windows server machines.

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