How to fix Sophos Endpoint not being able to install on Windows 7

1. The purpose of the article

In this article, techbast will guide how to fix errors when Sophos cannot install Sophos Endpoint on computers or laptops running Windows 7.

2. Configuration situations

Techast will prepare a laptop running Windows 7 and try to install Sophos Endpoint on this laptop.

During the installation process an error will appear and thegioifirewall will find out why and guide how to fix it.

3. Configuration

As a first step, we will download the Sophos Endpoint installation file from the Sophos Central admin page and perform the installation.

To download go to Protect Device > Endpoint Protection > Download Complete Windows Installer.

After installing we double click on Sophos Endpoint file to perform to install.

During the installation of Sophos Endpoint on Windows, we will get the error as shown below.

This error is caused by Windows 7 missing some patches required to install Sophos Endpoint.

To know which patch to download you visit the link below

After accessing, Sophos will request to download the Microsoft patch at 2 links as shown below

At Microsoft Catalog Update download the patch that matches the version that the computer is using.

For example: If the machine is running Windows 7 64bit, we need to download the patch for Windows 7 x64.

Note: Need to download both patches in KB 4474419 and 4490628

After installing 2 patches, we need to reboot and install Sophos Endpoint again.

At this point, the installation process will go smoothly without any error messages.

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