Sophos Endpoint: How to install Sophos Endpoint on Linux.


Like Windows operating system, Linux operating system is also used a lot in enterprises, although it has a higher level of security than Windows, the attack of virus is inevitable. Therefore, Sophos also develops Sophos Endpoint installed on the machines running Linux operating system to protect.

The article will guide how to download and install Sophos Endpoint for Linux operating systems, like Ubuntu.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Copy link downloads Sophos Endpoint for Linux.

To download you need to visit and log in with the registered gmail account.

Go to Protect Devices > Server Protection and select Download Linux Server installer.

Here you can download the installation file and locate the file in the Download folder, run the existing installation file as in step 2 below from the command chmod +x

But if in the case of Ubuntu Server, the user interface is a command you cannot load files like Ubuntu Desktop has a graphical user interface. So I will guide you to download the installation file when the user interface is command.

You log on to on any computer that does not need to be a Linux machine.

Go to Protect Devices > Server Protection and select Download Linux Server installer. Click on “Copy link location“.

Go to Terminal on Ubuntu type the following command: sudo su> type pass user on your machine> cd to exit home directory: this command will change the permission from user to root.

Step 2: Download and install

Next, type the command: wget <paste link copy from above> : Download the Sophos Endpoint installation file with the name

After downloading, type the command: chmod +x Authorize file execution

./ Run the installation file

Press enter and let the program install, it takes 10 ‘.

Installation completed

Step 3: Check

To exit the root user type the command: su <name user> . For example: su john

To check the Sophos Endpoint version is installed type the command:

/opt/sophos-av/bin/savdstatus –version

To check Active status type the command: /opt/sophos-av/bin/ savdstatus

Check the ubuntu hostname that appears on Sophos Central.

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