Zecurion DLP: How to configure block file content relate Finance


The article guides how to configure Zecurion data loss prevention software to prevent data related to Finance from being sent out

How to configure

  • Login to web console of Zecurion DLP by Admin account
  • Go to DLP -> Go to Policies -> In Content -> Click icon +
  • In Name: Enter name for policy
  • In Channel: Choose Internet or other channel which you want
  • In Conditions: Create condition is File text contains Tai Chinh
  • In Actions
    • Create Access: Choose Deny
    • Create Create Incident: Choose High severity or type which you want
    • Create Notify user: Create notification to users when they violate the policy
  • In Apply policy: Choose Always or time which you want
  • In Distribution: Choose All computers or computer which you want to apply policy

-> Click Save -> Click Apply policy

  • Check on client computer
  • Check log on Zecurion DLP Server

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