Zecurion DLP: How to configure Shadow Copy for messenger apps


The article instructs how to configure the Shadow Copy feature for chat applications on Zecurion DLP software, to manage the sending of data out to the Internet through chat channels

How to configure

  • Login to web console of Zecurion DLP by Admin account
  • Go to DLP -> Choose Policies -> In Content -> Click icon +
  • In Name: Enter name for policy
  • In Channel: Choose Messengers
  • In Conditions: Create condition is check all file type and Direction is Outgoing
  • In Actions
    • Create Create incident: Choose Medium severity or other type which you want
  • In Apply policy: Choose Always or time which you want
  • In Distribution: Choose All computers or computer which you want
  • Check policy on client’s computer
  • Check log on Zecurion Server

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