Acronis Cyber Protection: How to recover Server or file with Backup Storage.


Backup Storage is a place to store the paths to the backup file locations of the devices on Acronis Management. Usually when you want to recover files or server, you just need select the device to be recovered on the Device list and choose the type of recover you have according to the type of backup you created.

However, in case a physical server fails and is no longer active, but you already have the acronis backup entire machine, Disk C or data folders of this Server and you want to recover that server to a virtualized environment like VMware or Hyper-V for use or simply want to recover the data folders of this server to another server.

You can still do this using Backup Storage on Acronis Management Console. First you just need to put the file acronis backup of this Server to a certain location such as an external hard drive plugged into the Server with Acronis Management installed, the folder of the Laptop is connected to Acronis Management, upload the file to Nas device or to a folder any Server in the system.


Step 1: Create a Backup Storage path.

On the Acronis Management Console go to Backup Storage> Add Location.

Select the path where to save the backup file in Local or Network Folder.

Ex: Select Network Folder. Enter the ip of the device to save the backup file as \\ select the arrow mark

Next enter the username and password to log into the device.

Select the folder where to save the backup file. Ex: BackupSRV

Click Done.

Step 2: Show Backup

After you have created the path, when you click on the path, all backup files will appear, click on a backup file to recover and select Show backups.

In Show backup

If you want to recover files then click Recover and choose File / Folder.

Select the file/folder you want to recover and click Recover or Download.

If you want to recover the server you should click on Run as VM.

Click Select machine or create new.

Select the VMware host IP and enter new name for the server you need recover in Machine Name. Click Ok.

You can change the parameters of Datastore and VM Settings to match with the old Server.

Finally, click Run now.

Step 3: Check the results

Activities tab show status: Succeeded is a successful recover.

On VMware host Server the name BKSRV1 appears in the list of virtual machines and can be used to replace the faulty server.

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