How to configure Application Override on Palo Alto device

1. Overview

In this article techbast will guide you to configure the Application Override policy on the Palo Alto firewall device.

2. What is Application Override and its uses?

Application Override is a feature that allows administrators to create an exception for any application, when this application is in the Application Override policy, it will not be subject to any control from other policies on the wall. Palo Alto fire.

Example 1: You are required to ban all social networking sites except facebook, you can create policies to ban websites from Social Networking category and create 1 more Application Override for facebook application.

Example 2: If your company runs some applications programmed by the company itself and is not in the Palo Alto database, but for some security reason Palo Alto scans or blocks some translation ports the service you are using, then Application Override will help you solve this problem.

To better understand how to configure we will go to the next section.

3. Configuration

In this article, assuming the administrator has banned all social networking sites and they only want to allow access to the only social networking site facebook, we will create an Application Override for the Facebook application on port 443 for users to access from the internal network to the internet.

To create an Application Override policy go to Policies > Application Override.

Click Create and create according to the following parameters.

General tab:

  • Name: AO_Facebook

Source tab:

  • Source Zone: select LAN

Destination tab:

  • Destination Zone: select WAN

Protocol/Application tab:

  • Protocol: select TCP
  • Port: 443
  • Application: facebook-base
  • Click OK to save

Click Commit and OK to save the configuration changes.

Note if the application you want to add is a self-developed company application that is not in Palo Alto’s database, you can customize that application by going to Object > Application > clicking Add and entering the parameters of the application. application you want to add.

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