Linux: How to install and use Crontab on Ubuntu Server


Cron is a utility that allows to run commands at a certain time internal. Cron is a daemon process, which allows it to run forever in linux systems

Crontab is the table that contains cron’s installation statements. With crontab, we can use it to run jobs automatically according to a pre-set schedule

Configuration commands

  • Update and upgrade linux system
  • Check if Cron is installed or not
  • Install Cron on Ubuntu linux
  • Check the status of installed Cron
  • Create or edit crontab file
  • Show crontab file
  • Delete crontab file
  • After using crontab -e command, we will add the jobs tasks that run automatically
  • Structure of a crontab


  • Run a python script at 4:30 am every Thursday
  • Submit reports every Tuesday and Friday night at 7:00 pm

Restart cron service after adding, deleting and editing tasks crontab

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