Sophos Home Premium: How to fix error message “You are not protected! Service Failure”.


“Service Failure – Sophos Home is experiencing problems”   message indicates that one or more Sophos Home services have been turned off on the local computer.  This could be related to having turned services off during troubleshooting, or to a service that hasn’t properly installed and it is failing to start.


Step 1: Turn off Tamper Protection.

You open the installed Sophos Home on the computer with the above message appearing. At the dashboard, click Help, then scroll down to the Troubleshooting section, click on the arrow icon and turn off the Tamper Protection function.


Step 2: Check Service Sophos Home.

On the computer that appears a message to click Start, type search services and click Run administrator.


Continue to define Sophos Home services. Sophos Home Services begin with the word “Sophos“.

List of all Sophos Home Services: HitmanPro.Alert service [Premium only]; Sophos Anti-Virus; Sophos AutoUpdate Service; Sophos Clean Sophos Endpoint Defense Service; Sophos File Scanner Service; Sophos Health Service; Sophos MCS Agent; Sophos MCS Client; Sophos Network Threat Protection; Sophos Safestore; Sophos System Protection Service; Sophos Web Control Service; Sophos Web Filter {Windows 8.1 and 10 only}; Sophos Web Intelligence Service.

Check the Status section of each, if any of them is not Running, right-click on it Start.


Note: Sophos Home Premium and Trial users, you should also look for the HitmanPro.Alert service and make sure it’s running.

After all services have been started and Sophos Home no longer displays the error message, go back to step 1 and turn on Tamper Protection.

Note: If the services do not turn on / return errors, please ensure no other Antivirus software is present on the system (as it could be conflicting/preventing services from loading), and follow the related information links to uninstall and reinstall Sophos Home, this will ensure all services get properly installed.

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