Sophos Mobile v9.6: How to configure Web Filtering on Sophos Central for Android Mobile.


With the Web Filtering configuration you manage the Web Filtering feature of Sophos Intercept X for Mobile. This protects users from browsing sites with malicious, undesirable or illegal content.

Note: Web Filtering doesn’t work with Android Enterprise work profile devices. This is because Web Filtering requires the Sophos Accessibility Service, which is not available when Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is installed in the work profile.

The article will show you how to configure Web Filtering in Mobile Threat Defense policy and install Sophos Intercept X for Mobile on Android devices. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is a Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution for Android, iPhone or iPad devices.


Step 1: Log in to Sophos Central. In the My Products section, select Mobile.

Go to Configure > Policies > Android > Create > Mobile Defense policy.

In Edit Policy:

Name: Enter the name of the Policy you want

Click Add Configuration.

In Basic Configurations select Web Filtering.

In Filter Websites by category: You choose the categories as Block, Warn or Allow.

In Web Exceptions:

Allow domains: websites you always allow employees to access.

Blocked domains: websites you ban employees from accessing.

Click Apply.

After the configuration is complete, click Save.

Step 2: Assign policy
At the Mobile Security Webfiltering policy you just created, click the blue arrow and select Assgin to apply the policy to the employee.

Click on the employee’s device you want to apply the policy (Ex: JohnRedmi). You can also click Select device group to apply the policy to multiple android mobile devices of employees in the group. Click Finish.

Step 3: Install Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

After applying the policy to the employee’s device. On the employee’s phone device, there will be a message notification asking to install Sophos Intercept X for Mobile in Sophos Mobile Control app.

You click on the link and install, grant the Sophos Intercept X for Mobile permissions required during the installation process.

To check the web filtering policy applied to the device, on mobile, go to Network Security > Web Filtering.

The Allow, Blocked domains and Filter Categorized website configurations are all fully synced down to the device.

Test the domain block feature.

On the Chrome app on your phone, enter “kenh14” and you’ll get a block message like the one below, staff can’t access this website.

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