Sophos Mobile v9.6: How to enroll Android Mobile Device to Sophos Mobile.


Sophos Mobile is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution that helps businesses spend less time and effort to manage and secure traditional and mobile endpoints. The only UEM solution that integrates natively with a leading next-gen endpoint security platform, Sophos Mobile manages and secures iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows 10 and macOS devices.

The article will show you how to add an employee’s Android phone to Sophos Central to manage and apply company policies.


Step 1: Log in to Sophos Central. In the My Products section select Mobile.

Go to Manage > Devices > Add > Add device manually.

Select Platfrom installation is: Android. Click OK.

In the Edit device section: You only need to provide 3 information

Name: The name you want to give the device, should have a user name for easy identification.

Owner: Select Corporate (Device provided by the business to employees), Personal (Devices owned by employees)

Email: Enter the email of the employee using that device.

Finally click Save.

After click Save, in the Action section, select Enroll.

Choose Yes.

Step 2: Install Sophos Mobile Control

On the employee’s computer and phone, opening the email provided above will receive 1 email. You follow the steps to install Sophos Mobile Control as instructed in the email.

Install to Corporate Management step, you have 2 options:

Select Scan QR code: You will scan the QR code in the Email to connect the device to the central.

Select Enter Manually: You enter the information of Option 3 in the email. Click Connect.

Next, you proceed to grant Allow permission for the necessary features required by Sophos Mobile during the installation process.

Sophos Mobile Control dashboard after successful installation.

Step 3: Check Sophos Central.

In the Device section, check to see if the newly added device name has a green tick in the Managed column. If yes, then adding the device to Sophos Central was successful.

These are the Actions you can perform on your mobile device right on Sophos Central.

In addition, you can also check information such as:

Installed apps: Apps already installed on the device.

Device properties: Information about the model, serial number, version, battery, …

Policies: Policies are applied down to the device.

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