Sophos Mobile v9.6: Instructions configure Work Document on Sophos Container Policy For Android Mobile.


Ensure sensitive company information on mobile devices stays safe and separated from personal data on the device with the secure and AES-256 encrypted Sophos Container. Easy-to-use apps for iOS and Android let users access containerized content: Sophos Secure Email for email, contacts, and calendars, and Sophos Secure Workspace for documents and corporate web browsing.

Sophos Secure Workspace is a containerized mobile content management app for iOS and Android that provides a secure way to manage, distribute, and edit business documents and view web content. Edit Office format documents without leaving the container environment to ensure encrypted content remains secure.

The article will guide you to configure Sophos Container Policy with Work Document feature to view, edit and integrate with Storage Providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive…. to manage documents securely.


Step 1: Log in to Sophos Central. In the My Products section select Mobile.

Go to Configure > Android > Create > Sophos container policy.

In Edit Policy:

Name: Enter the name of the policy you want

Click Add configuration.

In the Basic Configurations section, select Work Documents.

Next, select Enable the Storage Providers you want such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

For each Storage Providers, you can define the following settings separately such as:

Offline: Users are allowed to add files from the storage provider to the app’s Favorites list for offline use.

Open in (encrypted): Users can share encrypted files with other apps via Open In.

Open in (unencrypted): Users can share unencrypted files with other apps via Open In.

Clipboard: Users can copy parts of a document and paste them into other apps.

Click Apply.

Click Save.

Step 2: Assgin Policy.

Click on the blue arrow at the newly created Container Policy For Android, select Assgin.

At Select devices, you tick the device you want to apply the policy on (Ex: JohnRedmi). You can also select Select devices groups to apply the policy to multiple devices in the group. Click Finish.

Step 3: Create Share Document.

Go to Configure > Documents > Add.

In Edit Document:

Category: You enter the name you want for the document

Click Share document

Assgined groups: You select Group to apply the document policy.

Click Upload a file and select the file you want to share (Ex: Endpoint Detection & Response). Then click Save.

Step 4: Install Sophos Secure Workspace

To apply Sophos Container Policy you need to install Sophos Secure Workspace on your mobile device.

After configuring the policies, the phone that applies the policy will receive a message to install Sophos Secure Workspace as shown below.

You click Open, you will be redirected to Google Play and proceed to install the app.

After the installation is complete, you may receive the message “Sophos Container – Access Denied” as shown below.

You need to give the user permission to access the Sophos Container. On Sophos Central Mobile, select Device > select the device name with the above message > click Action > Select Set Sophos Container Access.

Select container mode: Select Allow, click Ok.

Then on the mobile device that has allowed access to Sophos Container, it will ask you to create a password for the sophos container, enter and confirm the password entered. Click Set.

Sophos Secure Workplace dashboard after successful installation.

Check Work Documents has a new shared file, which is the file we shared in the Document in the previous step. You open it to view the file.

With Google Drive you can add emails containing files you save on your google drive.

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