Sophos XG: Instructions on conversion account registered Sophos XG device


The article instructs how to convert an account that is being used to register Sophos XG devices to another account

How to configure

  • Access Sophos’s home page via
  • Log in to MySophos with the account being registered to a Sophos XG device
  • Choose Network Protection
  • Choose Change Registrant
  • Choose Change Registrant
  • In Device: Select the serial number of the Sophos XG device for which you want to change the account
  • In Recipient email address: Enter the email of the account you want to switch to
  • Choose I understand the effects of changing the registrant and have the authority to do so
  • Click Change Registrant
  • After the account transfer is complete, you will receive an email from Sophos sent to the email account you want to switch account to
  • You open that email, go to confirmation link
  • Select Accept Registrant Change -> Accept change

-> Finally, you return to the Sophos XG device that is connected to the Internet to reboot the device. Sophos XG devices will then receive a new account

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