Zecurion DLP: How to monitor upload file on Telegram and Whatsapp


The article shows how to configure user file upload monitoring on chat applications like Telegram and Whatsapp using Zecurion DLP software

The article is configured on version 11

How to configure

  • Login to web console of Zecurion DLP by Admin account
  • Go to DLP -> Choose Distributed settings -> Choose Endpoint -> Click icon + to create 1 Endpoint settings -> Choose Main settings
  • Tick in Intercept traffic at the browser level in the mirroring mode (Chrome, iE 8+. Firefox, Opera, Edge)
  • In Operation mode: Choose Mirroring
  • In Local proxy server port: Enter 8088

-> Click Save -> Click Close

  • Choose Applications
  • In Controlled applications: Enter code

-> Click Save -> Click Close

  • Go to DLP -> Choose Policies -> In Content, click icon +
  • In Channel: Choose Messenger (included 4 apps: Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype)
  • In Conditions: Choose Verifying file type match “choose all file formats”
  • In Operations: Choose icon +, choose Create incident
  • In Create incident: Choose severity which you want
  • In Execute: Choose Permanent or time which you want
  • In Distribution: Choose All computer or computers which you want

-> Click Save -> Click Apply

  • Check the result

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