Zecurion DLP: How to upgrade new version for Zecurion Agent


The article shows how to configure the new version upgrade for Zecurion Agent

The article is a guide on how to make the least possible error on the system

Currently the latest version is version 11

How to configure

  • Login to web console of Zecurion Server by Admin account
  • Go to INSTALLER -> Choose Installation and upgrade -> Click icon X to delete old version installation package for agent
  • Go to Removal -> Create removal package old version software on agent
  • In Installation package: Choose old version
  • In Uninstall password: Enter password if having pass to prevent user uninstall software, otherwise leave it blank
  • In Computers: Choose computers which you want
  • After the application removal process is complete -> Click on the icon X to remove the automatic uninstall package
  • Go to Installation package -> Click icon + to upload new version package
  • Go to Installation and upgrade -> Create 1 installation for new version
  • The installation is complete

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