Sophos Mobile v9.6: How to Enroll and Configuration Chrome OS Policy.


Chrome OS policy is for the chrome browser on computers that have it installed. To use policy chrome OS you need to install 1 extension on chrome browser is Sophos Chrome Security. Sophos Chrome Security will protect users from browsing websites with malicious, unwanted or illegal content.

The article will guide you to create a Chrome OS policy and install Sophos Chrome Security.


Step 1: Create Chrome OS Policy

Log in to Sophos Central. In the My Products section select Mobile.

Go to Configure > Policies > Chrome OS > Create > Chrome Security Policy.

In Edit policy:

Name: Enter a name you want for the policy

Click Add configuration.

Click choose Web Filtering.

In Filter malicious websites: select Block.

In Filter websites by category: You choose to classify websites by category as Allow, Warn, Block.

In Website exceptions: here you can always allow or block a specific website in Allows Domain and Block Domain.

Click Apply.

Click Save.

Step 2: Enroll Chrome OS

Go to Manage > Device > Add > Add device manually.

Select a platform is: Chrome OS. Click Ok.

Fill in the following parameters:

Name: Enter the name you want.

Owner: select Personal or Corporate.

Email address: enter the email of the computer user that will apply the Chrome OS policy. Click Save.

Click Action > select Enroll.

Select policy: Select the name of the policy created in step 1. Click Ok.

Step 3: Install Sophos Chrome Security.

On your computer, open the email provided above and you will receive an email from sophos with instructions to install Sophos Chrome Security.

You open a new chrome tap and enter the following URL:

In Search the store, enter the search for Sophos Chrome Security.

After searching, click Sophos Chrome Security.

Click Add to Chrome.

A message appears, click Add extension.

Then the Sophos Chrome Security icon will appear on the search frame of the Chrome browser.

You click this icon and the message Device not enrolled will appear.

To Enroll you go back to the sophos email you received. At step B, click Copy Enrollment token.

Click on Enroll. The Enter enrollment token table will appear. Paste the character sequence you just copied in the email into the box below and click Enroll.

After entering the token, Sophos Chrome Security has been successfully installed.

To check the settings, click on the gear icon, which will show the Web Filtering settings you have configured in the policy.

Check the configured Block Domain feature. Website kenh.14 has been blocked according to the configured Policy.

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