Zecurion DLP: How to install Zecurion Agent on out of domain workstation (Windows Home)


The article shows how to install Zecurion Agent on workstations that are not joined domains

The article was made on Windows 10 Home

How to configure

  • On the workstation, open the command line (cmd) with administrator rights
  • Enable the built-in Administator account with the command net user administrator /active:yes
  • Log out of the current account and login with the Administrator account you just enabled
  • Set a password for that Administrator account
  • Then log in again with the previous account and turn off the firewall
  • Check ping between workstation and server
  • Login to Zecurion Server by Administrator account -> Go to Installer -> Click icon +
  • Enter name
  • In Installation package: Choose Zecurion Agent installation package
  • In Version: Choose Lastest
  • In Run: Choose Permanent
  • Tick in Upgrade if a previous version is installed
  • In Server Zecurion DLP: Enter the IP address of Zecurion Server
  • Tick in If required, restart the computer after the installation is completed
  • Tick in Install Traffic Control Agent for intercepting messengers
  • Tick in Run task as user – mandatory since out of domain computers are present
  • In User name: Enter “computer name/Administrator”
  • In Password: Enter password of Administrator account
  • In Computers: Enter IP of workstation (should be static IP)
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  • Wait for installing successfully

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