Zecurion DLP: Instructions to automatically screenshot when sending files outside through internet channel


The article explains how to configure Zecurion DLP to automatically capture the user’s screen when sending data files to the outside to get evidence of the application that sent the file, and to get an image of the user external files can be sent out

How to configure

  • Login to Zecurion DLP server by Admin account
  • Go to DLP -> In Policies -> Go to Content -> Click icon + to add a new policy
  • In Channel: Choose Internet
  • In Conditions: Choose all file type
  • In Operation: Choose icon + choose Access, Create incident
  • In Access: Choose Allow
  • In Create incident: Choose severity as you want
  • Click icon edit in Create incident -> Choose Take screenshot
  • In Execute: Choose Permanent or time which you want
  • In Distribution: Choose All computers or computers which you want

-> Click Save -> Click Apply

-> Check incident in Reports

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