How to configure QoS for users on Sophos Firewall

1.The purpose of the article

This article will show you how to configure QoS to limit user bandwidth according to the users they use.



  • The internet connection is connected to Sophos Firewall at Port 2 with IP
  • The LAN subnet is configured at Port 1 with IP and configured with DHCP to allocate IPs to connected devices.
  • Finally, computer 1 is connected to the LAN and receives IP


We will perform configuration to limit user access bandwidth.

Here we have 2 users, user1 and user2, we will limit the internet bandwidth of user1 to 15 Mbps and user2 will not limit the bandwidth.

4.Step to take

  • Create traffic shaping policy for users
  • Add traffic shaping to user1
  • Result


5.1. Create traffic shaping policy for users

To create, go to System services > Traffic Shaping > click Add and create according to the following parameters:

  • Name*: Bandwidth_Limit_15Mbps.
  • Policy association: select Users.
  • Rule type: Limit.
  • Priority*: select 5 – [Normal].
  • Upload bandwidth*: 1875 KB/s = 15 Mbps.
  • Download bandwidth*: 1875 KB/s = 15 Mbps.
  • Bandwidth usage type: select Individual.
  • Click Save.

5.2.Add traffic shaping policy to user 1

To Add to Authentication > Users > left click on user1 to edit.

At Traffic Shaping select the traffic shaping policy Bandwidth_Limit_15Mbps just created above from the drop-down list.

Click Save.


On computer 1 we turn on the browser and perform captive portal authentication using user1.

Then visit the speedtest page to measure the bandwidth.

As a result, user1’s bandwidth has been limited to the specified level of 15 Mbps.

Then we Sign out user1 and login to authenticate the captive portal with user2.

Then go back to the speedtest page and measure the speed.

As a result, user2’s bandwidth is not limited because the traffic shaping policy has not been added.

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