Sophos Mobile v9.6: How to configure create Task Bundle for Android Mobile.


With a task bundle you can bundle several tasks in one transaction.

For example, you can bundle all the tasks to enroll and configure a device:

  • Enroll the device.
  • Assign required policies.
  • Install required apps (for example managed apps for iOS devices).

Task bundles are available for the following platforms: Android, iOS & iPadOS, macOS, Windows, Chrome OS.

The article will guide you to create a task bundle to Assign policy, Install and Uninstall app to employee’s Android Mobile device.


Step 1: Create Task bundle

Log in to Sophos Central. In the My Products section select Mobile.

Go to Configure > Task Bundle > Android > Select Create task bundle.

In the Edit task bundle:

Name: Enter the name of the task you want

Click Add task: It will show the tasks you can choose to deploy.

Task 1: Select Assign policy.

In Select policy type: select the type of policy you created earlier and want to deploy

Ex: Device Policy. Click Next.

In Select policy: select the Device Policyv2 policy name you created earlier. Click Finish.

Task 2: select Install App.

Select the app you want employees to install on mobile. Ex: Telegram. Click Apply.

Task 3: select Uninstall App.

In Select App, you can use the search box to find the apps you want the staff to uninstall.

Ex: Instagram. Click Apply.

Once the tasks have been added, you can use the up and down blue arrows on the right table to change the priority order of settings that employees receive.

Click Save.

Step 2: Transfer Task Bundle.

Move to the newly created Task Bundle name (Ex: Task Bundlev3), click the blue arrow, select Transfer.

Next, select the mobile device of the employee you want to apply the task bundle to.

You can also click Select device group to apply the task to multiple mobile devices of employees in the group.

Click Next.

You can choose “Now” to deploy immediately or select “Date” to set the time to deploy the task.

Click Finish.

Switch to the Task view section. Task is being deployed. You can click Show task to see details.

On the employee’s Android phone, open the Sophos Mobile Control app. Employees will receive installation and uninstallation messages as shown below.

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