Sophos Mobile v9.6: How to configure Sophos Container Policy for iOS Mobile.


Ensure sensitive company information on mobile devices stays safe and separated from personal data on the device with the secure and AES-256 encrypted Sophos Container. Easy-to-use apps for iOS and Android let users access containerized content: Sophos Secure Email for email, contacts, and calendars, and Sophos Secure Workspace for documents and corporate web browsing.

Sophos Secure Workspace is a containerized mobile content management app for iOS and Android that provides a secure way to manage, share and edit business documents and view web content. Edit Office format documents without leaving the container environment to ensure encrypted content remains secure.

The article will guide you to configure Sophos Container Policy for iOS Mobile with Work Document feature to view, edit and integrate with Storage Providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive…. to manage documents securely.


Step 1: Log in to Sophos Central. In the My Products section select Mobile.

Go to Configure > Android > iOS & iPad > Sophos container policy.

In Edit Policy:

Name: Enter the name of the policy you want

Click Add configuration.

In the Basic Configurations section, select Work Documents.

Next, select Enable the Storage Providers you want such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

For each Storage Providers, you can define the following settings separately such as:

Offline: Users are allowed to add files from the storage provider to the app’s Favorites list for offline use.

Open in (encrypted): Users can share encrypted files with other apps via Open In.

Open in (unencrypted): Users can share unencrypted files with other apps via Open In.

Clipboard: Users can copy parts of a document and paste them into other apps.

Click Apply.

Click on General

Select Enable Sophos Container Password

Select the number of Password Complexity and the parameters you think it necessary.

Click Apply.

Continue click to select Add configuration.

In the Basic Configurations section, select Work Browser.
With the Work browser configuration you manage the Work browser feature of Sophos Secure Workspace. The work browser allows you to securely access corporate intranet pages and other allowed pages. You can define domains and bookmarks within a domain.

In Edit Domain:

URL: copy and paste the address of the corporate intranet pages.

Click Add Bookmark.

In Edit bookmarks:

Name: Enter the name of the bookmark you want

URL: copy and paste the address of the corporate intranet pages . Click Apply.

Click Apply.

Click Save.

Step 2: Assgin Policy.

Select the blue down arrow next to the ‘iOS Sophos Container Policy’ policy. Click Assign.

At Select devices, you tick the device you want to apply the policy on (Ex: iPhone). You can also select Select devices groups to apply the policy to multiple devices in the group. Click Finish.

Step 3: Create Share Document.

Go to Configure > Documents > Add.

In Edit Document:

Category: You enter the name you want for the document

Click Share document

Assgined groups: You select Group to apply the document policy.

Click Upload a file and select the file you want to share (Ex: Deloy MTR). Then click Save.

Step 4: Install Sophos Secure Workspace

To apply Sophos Container Policy you need to install Sophos Secure Workspace app on your mobile device.

Open the App Store and install the app.

After installing Sophos Secure Workspace, Sophos Container will ask you to create a password for the sophos container. Click Set Password.

First you click to check Work Browsers, from Sophos Secure Workspace you can access to the corporate intranet pages.

Next you check Work Documents. The DocumentBusiness folder has been shared with the Deloy MTR file.

Next is Secure Storage. Clicking on the cloud icon on the bottom right will show the Storage Providers you have selected in the policy. You click on the storage you want like Google drive.

You log in to the email with the drive you want to use.

In addition, you can also create text files, documents, powerpoints, etc. in Sophos Secure Workspace when you click on the icon in the bottom left corner.

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