Sophos XGS: How to configure priority for SD-WAN policy routing to increase priority

1.The purpose of the article

This article will show you how to configure priority for SD-WAN policy route to increase priority for SD-WAN route over Static routes and VPN routes.


Suppose in the Sophos Firewall device there are many policies such as static route, SD-WAN policy route, VPN route and you want the device to prioritize running SD-WAN policy route first than the rest of the route types.

To do this we need to change the priority of these route types.

3.Step to take

  • Check the priority of route types.
  • Configure priority change for SD-WAN policy route.


4.1. Check the priority of route types.

To know the priority of route types we need to access the console interface of the device.

To access we need to log in to the device’s admin page.

Next click on the user name that we use to log in to the admin page in the upper right and select Console.

A window pops up press enter, enter password and press enter again to login.

After login enter number 4 and press enter to enter Device Console.

To check the priority we type the command system route_precedence show.

We will see that the priority is Static routes > SD-WAN policy routes > VPN routes.

We will change the order to SD-WAN policy routes > Static routes > VPN routes.

To change we enter the command line system route_precedence set sdwan_policyroute static vpn.

After changing use the command system route_precedence show to check the order.

As a result, we see that the priority order has changed exactly as we configured above.

Now that SD-WAN policy has the highest priority, Sophos Firewall will prioritize running this route type first over other route types..

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