Acronis Cyber Protect 15: How to configure Backup Entire Machine with Convert to VM feature.


Acronis Cyber Protect provides a backup solution that protects data on 21 different platforms, including with Cloud and mobile devices. Integrating advanced solutions such as anti-ransomware, blockchain, centrally managed on a single web interface.


Server01 will be installed as Acronis Management Server, Server02 will be installed Acronis Agent to connect to Server01 to perform backup configuration, both servers are virtualized in VMware Esxi environment.

Scenario: Suppose Server02 will be configured with Backup Entire Machine and saved to SaveBackup folder on Server01. Along with that will configure the Convert to VM feature to convert Server02 into a new virtual machine immediately after the backup is completed in a VMware Esxi or Hyper-V virtualized environment without creating a Recover Entire Machine plan.


Step 1: Configure Backup Entire Machine Server02.

Log in to Acronis Management Server on Server01 browser like:

Go to Device > Server02 > Protect.

Click Add Plan

Click Create Plan.

Rename New Protect Plan to the name of the plan you want. Ex: Backup And Convert to VM.

In What to backup: select Entire Machine.

Where to backup: click Specify > select // This is the path to save the backup file to the SaveBackup folder on Server01 created earlier.

You can select Add location to add other backup locations.

Step 2: Configure Convert to VM

Scroll down and click Convert to VM.

Turn on Conversion and choose Covert to is VMware Esxi.

In Host > click Specify > select ip host VMware Esxi. Rename the Machine Name you want. Click OK.

You can change the Data Store and VM configuration in VM Setting to match the Server02 configuration.

You can change Memory, Virtual processors, Network adapter…Click Ok.

Click Create when complete the configuration

Step 3: Run Backup Plan

After click Create, in the Backup section select the arrow and click Run Now.

After click Run Now, select the clock icon to see the backup progress.

After the Backup task is complete, Acronis will automatically run Convert to VM using the Backup Entire Machine file that has just been backed up.

The backup process is finished when the all items have a green tick.

Step 4: Check Server_Convert

Power On Server_Convert.

Server_Convert successfully started, check the data of 2 Servers are the same, so Convert to VM was successful.

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