Sophos Central: How to enable Sophos Central management of your XG Firewall.


Firewall management lets you monitor and configure Sophos Firewall devices that you connect to Sophos Central.

The article will show you how to add Sophos firewall device to be able to manage multiple firewalls on Sophos Central.


Step 1: Enable Sophos Central Service

Log in to the Sophos firewall you want to register to Sophos Central. Go to Protect > Central synchronization.

If the message show “You are not registered with Sophos Central“. Click Register.

If you have created a Sophos Central Account before, enter your registered Email and password, then click Register.

If you haven’t created it, click “Create Sophos Central Account” first and then come back to register later.

After the register complete. Click to enable Sophos Central Services.

Sophos Central Service is enabled.

Step 2: Accept Sophos Firewall on Sophos Central.

Log in to Sophos Central at the following link:

Enter Email and password Sophos Central Account.

On Sophos Central Admin > Firewall Management > Firewall. Pay attention to the Approval Pending.

Click Approval Pending and select Accept Service to allow the Sophos firewall connection to Sophos Central.

You wait about 1 minute for the Connected item to show green.

The Sophos Firewall has been connected to Sophos Central.

To connect to the Sophos Firewall Dashboard, select the firewall name or click the 3 dots and select Manage Firewall.

You wait for a while to connect.

Dashboard configuration when connection is successful.

Step 3: Create a group for the firewall.

If you have multiple firewalls connected to Sophos Central and want to group them for easy management. Click Create New Group.

Enter the Group Name and select the firewall you want to add to the group. Transfer to the Assgined Device panel by the arrow “>”. Click Save.

Firewall named XG has been moved to group HO_HCM.

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