Sophos Firewall: How to configure SSL VPN for android devices using OpenVPN Connect.


OpenVPN Connect can be used to establish a SSL VPN connection between any Android Device and the Sophos XG.


Step 1: Configure SSL VPN (Remote Access)

You can refer to the steps to configure SSL VPN via the following link:

Follow the instructions from step 1 to step 5.

Step 2: Install OpenVPN Connect

Go to Google Play to download and install the OpenVPN Connect application and install it on your android device.

Step 3: Download the SSL VPN client configuration.

From the browser, sign in to the user portal using the Sophos XG Firewall’s public IP address and the user portal HTTPS port. Eexample, the user portal is accessible at

Note: The user portal HTTPS port configured in the Sophos XG Firewall can be found in Administration > Admin Settings > Admin console and end-user interaction > User portal HTTPS port.

Log in with the username and password configured in step 1.

Select Download configuration for Android/iOS.

Step 4: Import the SSL VPN Configuration to the OpenVPN Connect application.

Open the OpenVPN connect application > Choose File > select SSL VPN Configuration downloaded in step 3. Ex: john_ssl_vpn_config.ovpn.

Click Import.

Enter the Username and password configured in step 1. SSL VPN connection is successful when showing CONNECTED status.

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