Acronis Cyber Protect 15: How to Add Virtualzation Host VMware Esxi on Acronis Cyber Protect.


VMware Esxi is a virtualization environment that is very popularly used in businesses because of its high scalability and easy configuration to virtualize servers including Windows and Linux. With Acronis Cyber Protect if you have a Virtual Host license of Acronis you can back up all the virtual machines included in this Esxi Host regardless of how many virtual machines are in use in the host.


Scenario: The Server01, Server02 and UbuntuServer are virtualized in a Vmware Esxi environment. With Server01 installed is Acronis Management Server. Configure Add Virtual Host Vmware Esxi on Acronis Management Server to add Server02 and UbuntuServer to the Device list backup , if you use Acronis’ Virtual Host license.

The article will show you how to configure add virtual host to be able to backup all virtual machines in the host.

Before entering the tutorial, you need to refer to how to install Acronis Management Server via the following link:


Step 1: Add VMware Esxi Virtual Machine

Log in to the Acronis Cyber Protect admin page > Device > Add.

Scroll down to the Virtualization Hosts section, select Vmware Esxi.

Choose Deploy as a…vCenter.

Step 2: Enter information of VMware Esxi.

In the Specify a vCenter or a stand-alone Esxi section:

Enter the Wmware Esxi host IP address + User + Login Pass.

In the Select the management….the server section: select the ip address of Server01 where Acronis Management Server is installed.

Click Deploy.

The process of adding host is in progress

The process of adding host is complete.

Check in the All Device section you will see that Server02 and UbuntuServer have been added to the Device list.

Note: In case you don’t have an environment like VMware or Hyper-V, you can still purchase the Acronis licenses for each physical server separately.

To add each physical server to Device List Backup. You also perform the same steps as add virtual host as follows:

Go to Device > Add > Servers Windows.

Fill in the following information:

  • Select the deployment agent: The name of the server where Acronis Management Server is installed. In this example is Server: Win-B12UL2S9SIV
  • Enter IP address + Username + Password of the physical Server you want to backup (Not the IP of Acronis Management Server).

Scroll down to the “Select the management…the server” section, click choose the IP of Server installed as Acronis Management Server. And then click Install.

The process of adding Server is in progress.

The Add Server process is complete.

The server has been added to the Device List.

With how to assign Acronis license, you can refer to the following link:

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