Acronis Cyber Protect 15: How to configure CDP Backup Feature for File/Folders.


Continuous backup or real-time backup, more commonly known as Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a process in which every change a user makes to data automatically triggers a backup of that data, essentially recording every version the user saves. The true power of it comes from your ability to restore client data to any point in time without any data loss of critical assets.


Server01 will be installed as Acronis Management Server, Server02 (Machine Name: WIN-L5FRC2UAS0J.DUNG.VF) will be installed Acronis Agent to connect to Server01 to perform backup configuration.

Scenario: We will configure Server02 with the CDP Backup feature for Backup1 Folder and save it to the SaveBackup Folder folder on Server01. Then we will create a new file in Backup1 Folder to check if the Backup CDP plan has this new file.


Step 1: Configure Backup CDP File/Folder Server02

Log in to Acronis Management Server on a browser like:

Go to Device > Server02 (WIN-L5FRC2UAS0J.DUNG.VF) > Protect.

Rename New replication Plan to the name of the plan you want. Ex: Test CDP Backup.

What to backup: choose File/Folder type.

Items to backup: click Specify > select Select files and folders.

Select the Backup1 folder. Click Done.

Turn ON Continuous Data Protection.

Click on Applications. Switch to the File / Folders tab > select Select files and folders.

Select the Backup1 folder. Click OK.

Where to back up: click Specify > Network Folder > enter ip \\\ (Server01) > Enter Username and Password to login to Server01 and select SaveBackup folder.

You can change the Schedule section (Backup type by day, week, month) and How long to keep (Time to keep old backups). Then click Apply.

Click Run Now.

After clicking Run Now, click on the clock icon on the left to see the backup process.

Backup is in progress.

The backup process has been completed.

Step 2: Test Backup CDP Plan

Go to Backup Storage > \\\SaveBackup\ > WIN-L5FRC2UAS0J.DUNG.VF > Show Backup.

Choose CDP – Last backup > Recover File/Folders.

Select drive C > Backup1. You will see all the backed up files in the folder.

You log in to Server02, go to the Backup1 folder, create a text file with the name File Test CDP Backup.

You go back to Backup Storage and check to see the File Test CDP Backup file.

You can select the file/folder (Ex: File Test CDP Backup) to recover. Click Download directly to Local or click Recover if you want to choose a location to save the recovered files/folders.

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