Acronis Cyber Protect 15: How to configure Backup Plan with Encryption feature.


With the Encryption feature of Acronis will use the AES cryptographic algorithm operates in the Cipher-block chaining (CBC) mode and uses a randomly generated key with a user-defined size of 128, 192 or 256 bits. The larger the key size, the longer it will take for the program to encrypt the backups and the more secure your data will be.

The encryption key is then encrypted with AES-256 using an SHA-256 hash of the password as a key. The password itself is not stored anywhere on the disk or in the backups; the password hash is used for verification purposes. With this two-level security, the backup data is protected from any unauthorized access, but recovering a lost password is not possible.

2. Diagram.

Server01 will be installed as Acronis Management ServerServer02 will be installed Acronis Agent to connect to Server01 to perform backup configuration.

3. Scenario.

We will configure Backup Disk C Server02 with Encryption feature and save it to the DataBackup Folder on Server01. Then we will try to check and recover this backup file.

4. Instructions

Step 1: Configure Backup Encryption Disk C Server02

Log in to Acronis Management Server on a browser like:

Go to Device > Server02 > Protect.

Rename New replication Plan to the name of the plan you want. Ex: Disk/Volume Encryption.

What to backup: choose  Disk/Volume type.

Items to back up: click choose Specify > enter C:\ > Ok.

Where to back up: click Specify > Network Folder > enter ip \\\ (Server01) > Enter Username and Password to login to Server01 and select DataBackup folder.

You can change the Schedule section (Backup type by day, week, month) and How long to keep (Time to keep old backups file). 

Next, turn ON the Encryption section and enter the encryption password for this backup plan.

Note: There is no way to recover encrypted backups if you lose or forget the password.

After the configuration is complete, click Apply.

Step 2: Run Backup Plan Encryption Disk C.

Click Run Now.

After clicking Run Now, click on the clock icon on the left to see the backup process.

Backup is in progress.

The backup process has been completed.

Step 3: Check backup file.

You log in to Server01, go to the DataBackup folder, click on the backup file. As you can see if you want to check the backup file you need the encryption password created in step 1.

When you try to recover this backup file, Acronis also asks you to enter the password as configured in the backup plan, if you enter it wrong you cannot recover.

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