CheckPoint Harmony: How to install Harmony Endpoint for Ubuntu linux


CheckPoint Harmony is a comprehensive set of solutions, including solutions that can protect many different users, terminals and methods of accessing and using data

  • Devices managed by the organization (workstations, servers)
  • Personal devices, mobile devices
  • Activities within the organization
  • Remote access
  • Internet access
  • Using Email, Office
  • Using Mobile

How to install

  • Access to website -> Login by your account
  • If you do not have an account, view this article

  • Click Download Endpoint to get installation file
  • Click Download in Linux
  • Choose Save File -> Click OK
  • Open download folder -> Right click and choose Open in Terminal
  • Go to root by sudo su
  • Execute the command chmod +x to set permissions for the install file
  • Execute the command ./ install to run the installation file
  • Wait about 10 minutes for CheckPoint to download other packages
  • The installation is complete
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