Checkpoint Harmony: How to install Harmony Endpoint in MacOS

1.The purpose of the article

This article techbast will guide you to install Harmony Endpoint on devices running MacOS.


Techbast has prepared a computer running MacOS Catalina 10.15 and installed Harmony Endpoint on this machine.


The first step we need to access is the administration page of Harmony Endpoint and log in with the admin account.

If you have not registered for an account, please review articles below to create an account

Go to POLICY ->Select Software Deployment ->Click Capabilities & Exclusions

Select all the features of the installation package.

Click Save All Changes -> Click Install Policy

Return to OVERVIEW -> Click Download Endpoint.

In the DOWNLOAD HARMONY ENDPOINT panel, select More versions

The Endpoint Client panel appears, click the Download icon at macOS All Capabilities to download the endpoint software for MacOS.

After downloading the installation file successfully, we extract it and get the folder containing the installation file.

Double-click the Endpoint Security Installer file to install it.

The Endpoint Security settings panel appears, click Continue.

Click AGREE.

Click OK.

Enter the machine’s password when prompted and click Install Helper.

Installation takes place.

Harmony Endpoint installation was successful.

Now the System Extension Blocked dialog box appears, click Open Security Blocked.

Click the yellow padlock icon and enter the machine’s password.

Click Allow to allow the Harmony application.

And this is the interface of Harmony Endpoint after successful installation.

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