Peplink Load Balancer: How to configure DNAT to public an server


The article guides how to configure DNAT port 3389 so that the outside can access the internal server system on the Peplink Load Balancer device

The article implements NAT port 3389 and does it on Peplink Load Balancer 710 version 8.1.3

Network Diagram

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How to configure

  • Login to Peplink by Admin account
  • Go to Network -> Choose Servers -> Click Add Server
  • Enter your server and IP address -> Click Save -> Click Apply Changes
  • Go to Services -> Click Add Services
  • Tick Enable
  • Enter service name
  • In Protocol: Choose TCP
  • In Port: Choose Single Port and enter 3389
  • In Inbound IP Address(es)(Required at least one IP address): Choose WAN link which you want to NAT and choose WAN IP Address
  • In Included Server(s)(Require at least one IP address): Enter Server which was created before
  • Click Save
  • Click Apply Changes

Test access

  • Access successfully

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