CheckPoint Harmony: How to configure Application Control to prevent user using Teamviewer


The article shows how to configure Application Control feature on Harmony Endpoint to manage user using application in the system

How to configure

  • Access to -> Login to by the account which was created before
  • If you have not registered an account, review the article below to create an account
  • Go to POLICY -> Choose Access & Compliance
  • Click New Above icon
  • Enter name for policy
  • In Applied to: Choose the computers
  • Click OK
  • Click Capabilities & Exclusions
  • Choose APPLICATION CONTROL -> Choose Edit Application Control Policy
  • Choose Upload Applications
  • Click Download to scan application on computer
  • Open Command Prompt -> Go to the folder download AppScan file
  • Run the command: appscan.exe /o scan.xml /x “.exe” /s “C:\program files”
  • CheckPoint AppScan will check all your applications and generate a file named scan.xml
  • Upload xml file to Application Control
  • After uploading, we will see applications
  • Here, I will test block TeamViewer -> Click OK -> Click Save
  • In the computer -> Click Update now
  • Try opening Teamviewer software and check Log

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