Peplink Load Balancer: How to configure Application and Web Blocking features on Peplink


This article shows how to configure Appliaction Blocking and Web Blocking features on Peplink Load Balancer to prevent users in the network from using unwanted web and applications

The article will block Telegram applications and Web,

How to configure

  • Log in to Peplink Load Balancer by Admin account
  • Go to Network -> Choose Content Blocking
  • In Application Blocking -> Choose Telegram app
  • In Web Blocking -> You can choose the categories you want in the Preset Category section or specify the websites you want in the Customized Domains section. If you choose to block by category but there are some websites in that category you still want to use -> Enter the sites you want to use in the Exempted Domains for Web Blocking section
  • Click Save -> Click Apply Changes

Perform access and check

  • Access to
  • Access to
  • Use Telegram app

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