Acronis Cyber Protect 15: How to configure Backup and Recovery Disk/Volume.

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With backup Disk/Volume feature on Acronis Cyber Protect 15 you can backup and restore individual drives or files from this backup. A backup of the entire machine is a backup of all its disks.

2. Network diagram.

SERVER01 will be installed as Acronis Management Server, SERVER02 will be installed as Acronis Agent connect to SERVER01 to backup configurations.

3. Scenarios

We will configure backup SERVER02 with Backup Disk/Volume feature for Disk C and save it to DataBackup Folder on SERVER01. After the backup has been successful, we will try to delete the data in the Disk C and proceed to recover this data with the existing backup file.

4. Intructions

Step 1: Configure Backup Disk C SERVER02

Login to Acronis Management Server on a browser like:

Go to Device > click choose SERVER02 > Protect.

Rename New Protection Plan to the name of the plan you want. Ex: Backup Disk C SRV2

What to backup: choose Disk/Volume type.

Items to back up: click choose Specify > Add rule > enter C:\. Click Ok.

Where to back up: click Specify > Network Folder > enter ip \ (SERVER01) > click the green arrow > Enter Username and Password to login to SERVER01 and select DataBackup folder.

Schedule (Select Backup Scheme: Fulll, Differential, Incremental Backup by day, week, month and start time run backup).

How long to keep (Time to keep old backups file of Fulll, Differential, Incremental Backup). Then click Apply.

Click Apply and click Run Now.

After click Run Now, click on the clock icon on the left side to see the backup process.

Backup is in progress.

The backup process has been completed.

Step 2: Check Result

Login to SERVER01 > open the DataBackup folder. You will see an Acronis backup file of the Disk C of SERVER02.

To check you click open this file. You will see that the files/folders contained in the C drive are all backed up such as the Backup1, 2, 3 and Data SRV1 folders.

Step 3: Recovery Disk/Volume.

Proceed to delete the files/folders in C drive on SERVER02 and proceed to recover these files/folders from the existing Acronis backup file to the Data Disk C folder on SERVER02.

Go to Device > click chọn SERVER02 > Recovery.

Check Storage is: \\\DataBakup\. This is the directory containing the Acronis backup file Disk C of SERVER02 on SERVER01.

Note: If you have a backup Disk/Volume (Ex: Disk C) containing your operating system and you need to restore this backup to a machine to use, you can click Recover Entire Machine.

In this article, I assume Disk C is a data drive that does not contain the operating system and you only need to recover the data contained in this drive. Click Recover File/Folders.

Open C drive, you can choose to recover both the folder contained in Disk C or the small files/folders inside.

Click choose File/Folders you need to recover. Here you have 2 options. Click Download to download all files to be recovered to your local machine.

Or click Recover to recover the file to somewhere else in the network. Click Custom location > Browse.

In Network Folder > enter ip \\ (SERVER02) > click the green arrow > Enter Username and Password to login to SERVER02 select Data Disk C folder.

Click Start Recovery.

Continue click Proceed.

File/folder recovery is successful.

Step 4: Check Result

Open the Data Disk C folder on SERVER02, you will see that folders like Backup1, 2, 3 and Data SRV1 have been successfully recovered.

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