Acronis Cyber Protect 15: How to configure Backup and Recovery Entire Machine.


With the Backup Entire Machine feature on Acronis Cyber Protect 15 you can back up all of that device’s drives and recover the device at any time in a physical or virtualized environment.

2. Network Diagram

SERVER01 will be installed as Acronis Management Server, SERVER02 will be installed as Acronis Agent connect to SERVER01 to backup configurations.

3. Scenarios

We will configure backup SERVER02 with Backup Entire Machine feature and save it to DataBackup Folder on SERVER01. After the backup has been successful, we will try to recover entire machine SERVER02 on VMware Esxi virtualized environment.

4. Intructions

Step 1: Configure Backup Entire Machine SERVER02

Login to Acronis Management Server on a browser like:

Go to Device > click SERVER02 > Protect.

Rename New Protection Plan to the name of the plan you want. Ex: Backup SRV2.

What to backup: choose Entire Machine type.

Where to backup: Click choose path \\\DataBackup.

You can also add other paths by clicking Add Location.

Ex: Select Network Folder > enter ip \\ (SERVER01) > click the green arrow > Enter Username and Password to login to SERVER01 select DataBackup folder.

Schedule (Select Backup Scheme: Fulll, Differential, Incremental Backup by day, week, month and start time of backup schedule).

How long to keep (Time to keep old backups file of Fulll, Differential, Incremental Backup). Then click Apply.

Click Apply and click Run Now.

After click Run Now, click on the clock icon on the left side to see the backup process.

Backup is in progress.

The backup process has been completed.

Step 2: Check Result

Login to SERVER01> open the DataBackup folder. You will see an Acronis backup file of the SERVER02.

To check you click open this file. You will see that the drive partitions on SERVER02 have been backed up.

Step 3: Recovery Entire Machine

Proceed SERVER02 recovery on VMware Esxi virtualization environment with host IP

Go to Device > click SERVER02 > Recovery.

Check Storage is: \\\DataBakup\. This is the folder containing the Acronis backup file Entire Machine of SERVER02 on SERVER01.

Here you have 2 options. Click Recover Entire Machine to recover to a virtual or physical environment. In this article, I will use the Instanst Restore (or Run as VM) feature to quickly recover SERVER02 into a virtual machine on VMware Esxi.

Click to select Run as VM.

In Target Machine click “SERVER02_temp on” to edit.

Select the VMware Esxi virtualization environment. Click choose host ip Change Machine name: SERVER02_Recover. Click OK.

You can edit other parameters such as RAM, Ethernet, Data Storage, etc…. Click to select Run Now.

Recovery is in progress.

The recovery process is complete.

4. Check Result

Log in to VMware Esxi, you will see a virtual machine with the name SERVER02_Recover has been created.

Start SERVER02_Recover and compare with original SERVER02.

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