Sophos Central: How to add exceptions for software installation files of unknown storage

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This article will guide you to create an exception for a file that is used to install software but cannot be stored on Sophos Central.


Techbast has a file used to install Insight Addin 2020 software called Insight_Addin_2020_v4044.exe.

When the user installs, Sophos has detected and notified that this file may contain a virus and does not allow execution.

Normally the administrator will make an exception with the path of this file so that Sophos does not scan it anymore.

However, the problem here is that this file is sent to many users and each user saves it in a different place.

So it’s not possible to make an exception with the file path.

In this article techbast will guide you to fix this error.


To fix this we will also need to create an exception but create an exception for the PUA that Sophos warned when we executed this file.

To create we need to log in to Sophos Central with admin rights.

Then go to Global Settings > Global Exclusions > click Add Exclusion and enter the following information.

  • Exclusion type: Potentially Unwanted Application (Windows/Mac).
  • VALUE: Enter the name of the application, here I will enter the name of the application that has been banned from the configuration section Insight_Addin_2020_v4044.
  • Click Add.

Exception was created successfully.

Now you can execute the file to install the software normally.

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