Aruba AP: How to configure Aruba AP with Standalone AP Mode.


Aruba Central is a powerful cloud networking solution that offers unmatched simplicity for today’s networks. As the management and orchestration console for Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), Aruba Central provides a single point of control to oversee every aspect of wired and wireless LANs, WANs, and VPNs across campus, branch, and remote office locations.

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This article will guide you how to configuration aruba ap with StandAlone mode. With this mode the aruba ap will work in standalone mode, not managed with controller.


Step 1: Initial basic configuration.

First you will connect your aruba AP to the network and wait about 10 minutes to finish start up.

After booting up, AP will work with an SSID of the form “SetMeUp-xxxxxxxx“. You connect to this SSID and will automatically be redirected to a website to log in to the Ap device.

Next, log in with the default username and password. Username is “admin” – Password is the “serial number” of the AP.

After logging in, you are asked to change a new password, you proceed to change the password as required.

After you have changed your password and logged in, choose Country Code. Click OK.

Step 2: Convert AP to StandAlone mode.

On the AP Dashboard, select Maintenance > Convert.

In Convert one or more AP to: select Standalone AP mode.

Access Point to convert: select the MAC address of the AP you want to convert. Click Convert.

Click Ok to reboot the device.

You wait about 10 minutes for the device to reboot. After the SSID with the name SetMeUp-xxxxx appears, connect and log back in to the device.

Step 3: Configure the SSID.

On the AP’s Dashboard, select Configuration > Networks > Click the “+” icon to create new SSID.

In Name & Usage:

  • Name: Enter the SSID name you want
  • Type: Wireless
  • Primary usage: Employee or Guest

Click Next.

In Client IP and VLAN Assignment:

  • Client IP assignment: select Network assgined.
  • Client VLAN assignment: select Default. If you want to assign by vlan choose Static. Click Next.

In the Security Level section: Enter the password to access to this SSID.

In Access Rule: select Unrestricted.

Click Finish. Wait for a while to apply the configuration.

Connect to SSID and test the internet connection.

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