QNAP NAS: How to configure RAID on NAS QNAP


The article show how to configure RAID for hard drives on QNAP NAS device

The article will configure RAID 5 with 3 hard drives

How to configure

  • Login to NAS QNAP by Admin account
  • Go to Storage & Snapshots
  • Choose Storage/Snapshots -> Click New Storage Pool
  • Click Next
  • Choose all hard drives that you want to configure RAID 5
  • In RAID Type: Choose RAID 5 (it will show RAID type available according to the number of hard drives you choose
  • Click Next
  • Click Create
  • Click OK
  • Wait for the RAID installation to be completed (the time to split the RAID is quite long and takes a long time according to the number of hard drives and the capacity of the hard drives)
  • Next to create volume on RAID
  • Click Create -> Choose New Volume
  • Enter name for volume
  • In Volume capacity: Choose the capacity for the volume as you want (if you want to create only 1 volume and capacity of volume is the same RAID capacity, choose Set To Max)
  • Click Next
  • Wait for the volume creation process to be completed

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